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How to throw an exception with complex types or data contracts with a fault exception

J.D. Meier, Jason Taylor, Prashant Bansode, Carlos Farre, Madhu Sundararajan, Steve Gregersen.

The following steps show an example of how to throw an exception with a data contract that has a complex type.
  1. Define the type to pass the details of SOAP faults as exceptions from a service back to a client
public class DatabaseFault
   public string DbOperation;
   public string DbReason
   public string DbMessage;
  1. Use the FaultContract attribute in the ListCustomers method to generate SOAP faults.
public interface ICustomerService
   // Get the list of customers
   List<string> ListCustomers();
  1. Create and populate the DatabaseFault object with the details of the exception in the Service implementation class and then throw a FaultException object with the DatabaseFault object details.
catch(Exception e)
   DatabaseFault df = new DatabaseFault();
   df.DbOperation = "ExecuteReader";
   df.DbReason = "Exception in querying the Northwind database.";
   df.DbMessage = e.Message;
   throw new FaultException<DatabaseFault>(df);

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